About Alexo

Meet Alexo

Alexo is a professional magician and children's performer with a unique, sophisticated style. His enthusiasm and energy, coupled with masterful skill, provides his audiences with an unforgettable, magical experience.

Alexo found his love of magic through another lifelong passion. From a very young age, Alexo was fascinated with animals, particular large cats. Fate stepped in, when Alexo saw a snow leopard pounce out of a man's chest on television. The magician, Roy Uwe Ludwig Horn of the Las Vegas magic duo, Siegfried and Roy" was the first seed planted on Alexo's path to magic. His initial amazement was further cemented when he saw a performer plucking playing cards from thin air and his mouth! After seeing another performer turning a cage full of doves into a giant snake, Alexo found his calling.

From then on, the inquisitive child could often be seen poring through magic books at his local library, watching magic specials and instructional video tapes. He would frequent his local magic shop, investing his entire allowance on more and more magic. Magic also helped Alexo through his struggles. Battling his crippling shyness and difficulty relating to classmates, magic gave Alexo his voice - a unique identity, which allowed him to open up.

He has since combined his love of magic, movies, droll humor, and animals, to create a unique magical experience. Specializing in sleight of hand, bizarre stunts, and escape artistry, Alexo's show also showcases his personal menagerie; including doves, snakes, and a show-stealing chinese dwarf hamster. For a rare magical treat, see Alexo live today!